Yellow Glow Necklaces

A party and event favourite, glow necklaces have been around for some years but continue to grow in popularity.

Yellow glow necklaces

Alongside green, yellow glow necklaces naturally produce the brightest glow which means that they're perfect for high visibility whether it's for fun or safety reasons. The bright luminescent yellow of these super bright glowstick necklaces makes them perfect for use in night sports games including night golf or night football as their glow will be seen more clearly above their counterparts at a longer distance. Perfect for marking out that fairway!

Yellow Glow Necklace

Yellow glow necklaces emit a vibrant luminous glow akin to hot neon yellow and looks fantastic decorating clubbing and party outfits or even sewn into costumes for stage performances. For really cool costumes use yellow glow necklaces to mark out a pattern on black trousers or a black top or hoods to create eerie floating heads and dancing skeletons! You're only restricted by your imagination with these super bright yellow flexible glowsticks!