Blue Glow Necklaces

A party and event favourite, glow necklaces have been around for some years but continue to grow in popularity.

Blue glow necklaces

Vibrant blue glow necklaces appear white when inactivated and so beware mistaking them for lighter colours.  Activate these luminous necklaces however and they glow with an unmistakeable electric blue that looks incredible! Perfect for themed events as many companies favour cool blue in their corporate colours, their ethereal blue glow can be used to create a futuristic, robotic feel. Fluorescent blue was the colour of choice in the recent Disney Tron movie and you only have to glance at the imagery from the hit film to see how effective hot neon blue looks against a black background.

Blue Glow Necklace

Bright and vibrant blue glow necklaces make an outstanding accessory to your outfit and are always popular with their hypnotic draw and unusual, almost haunting glow.