How to activate glow necklaces

A party and event favourite, glow necklaces have been around for some years but continue to grow in popularity.

How to activate glow necklaces

Although robust once activated the glow necklaces are rather fragile beforehand - it is easy if not stored and handled correctly to accidentaly active them. This mistake could be to a single necklace or, if you try hard enough, you can activate a whole tube if you drop them - if you do this prepare quickly for short notice party!

So getting a glow necklace to glow is quite easy, but how do you 'activate' them?

1. Carefully take a necklace out of the tube or packaging.

Carefully take out a necklace

2. Holding the necklace at one end, pull it through your thumb and forefinger  - you will hear some snapping and the necklace will commence to glow.

Pull the necklace through your thumb and forefinger

3. Providing you have a considerate supplier the connector should already be in place on one end of the necklace.

See glow necklace connector

4. Now bend and join up both ends.

Join both ends of the glow necklace

5. And thats how to activate a glow necklace.

Activated glow necklace