How are glow necklaces made?

A party and event favourite, glow necklaces have been around for some years but continue to grow in popularity.

How are glow necklaces made?

As mentioned in the section 'How do they glow?' the glow necklaces glow as a result of the mixing of two liquids. These liquids are kept apart by housing one of the liquids in a very, very thin glass capsule that runs almost the full length of the necklace. It's quite hard to believe but every glow necklace has this very long, incredibly thin capsule within it, each of which are individually made, filled and sealed.

The photo below shows some capsules being made. These capsules are for larger glowsticks just so that it is easy for you to see.

Empty and open ended capsules on the left, being filled & then finally sealed by glass flame sealer

Making a glow bracelet

At the same time the outer necklace is made, into which the other liquid is deposited. Then the capsule (above) is placed into the necklace and the end of the necklace heat sealed completing the making of a glow necklace.

How are glow necklaces made? Thats how!