Green Glow Necklaces

A party and event favourite, glow necklaces have been around for some years but continue to grow in popularity.

Green glow necklaces

Green glow necklaces emit an eerie green illumination that's incredibly atmospheric for spooky Halloween or witch based events or shows. Green glow necklaces are fantastic for fancy dress parties as they highlight the green outfits of comic book heroes such as the Incredible Hulk and more recently the Green Lantern perfectly and have a great alien quality. Themed events will also benefit from green glow necklaces, think St Patrick's Day or any event with a lucky undertone or for raising awareness of environmental issues.

Green Glow Necklace

Green glows the brightest of any glow necklace which also means that green glow necklaces are the best colour to wear for high visibility for up to eight hours at a time!